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ISO Dinghy sail number 949 for sale due to space being needed for new trimaran project.

The boat comes fully equipped and ready to sail with:

  • Full road trailer (West Mersea Trailers) in good working working condition (has new wheels and tyres). The trailer is rock solid – we have moved the boat many hundreds of miles at probably inappropriate speeds…. Complete with towing board with extension lead – just needs your number plate.
  • Dolly trailer with jockey wheel.
  • Spare mast – straight and unused as far as I know.
  • Mainsail – like new and with spare.
  • Spinnaker like new and with spare.
  • Roller furling Jib with spare.
  • Masthead float.
  • Heavy duty dinghy cover and a spare.

In generally good condition with just the usual scuffs and marks for a boat this age.

I’ve made a couple of minor alterations as follows:

  • Tiller bar shortened a few inches for my personal preference giving much easier room to move around the boat.
  • There are a couple of small holes on the top of gunwhale that were used to attach my trimaran conversion test equipment.
    • These are sealed and make no difference to the boat whatsoever.

The boat is incredible fun but I have am now finishing my full trimaran build (based on what I learnt from the ISO conversion) and need the space so we need to say goodbye to Fizz!

We hope the boat will give as much fun for the next owners as it has for us and all for less than the cost of a new sail!

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