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This is a fantastic boat, in good condition and ready to sail. We've been based at Lymington for the last 2 and a half years and had a blast and we are only looking at selling due to needing the space for our new trimaran project which will be ready shortly.

This Reg White designed boat is a rocket ship, we've had it over 20 knots on numerous occasions but is also extremely flexible due it the massively adjustable rig.

The boat comes ready to sail and is complete with the following:

– Main sail in good condition – one small repair that has no effect on sailing at all
– Jib in good condition – complete with spare in bag
– Spinnaker in good condition – complete with spare in bag
– Heavy duty full cover – several straps and clips have been recently replaced
– All standing rigging in good condition
– Road trailer is rock solid – we leave it on bricks at the club but have towed it around and it sits perfectly still even at quite inappropriate speeds…..
– Rudders in good condition and there is an unmarked spare
– Dagger boards in good condition and there are two spares we've never even had out of the bag
– Rudder connector bar has been repaired due to friend landing on it – we've covered many, many hundreds of miles since with it as it is but a replacement could be bought quite easily
– Spare new spinnaker pole still in plastic bag (although the bag is falling apart)
– The trailer box looks a bit scrappy but is perfectly fine and has its own cover. This contains everything (apart from the spare spinnaker pole) so you don't need to traipse everything around with you
– I've added a thin twin line to the jib hoisting system to make clipping the jib in and out MUCH easier. Works brilliantly and simply every time.
– The fat tyre dolly trailer makes moving the boat around the dinghy park a breeze.
– Removable bow protectors to make launching super easy and keep the bows in top condition
– Light weight rear bow support stands which you can also have on in the dinghy park to ensure safety
– Righting line underneath

As the rig is so incredibly adjustable, the Spitfire can be used by a variety of sizes and skipper and crew and can also be single handed – these are basically a rocket ship once you know the limits.

We've also used the boat for fast, and I do mean fast! cruising – we put a small Mantus anchor on (not part of the sale) and anchored off Hurst Point and the Isle of White using it as a diving platform and been out picnicking up and down the caost.

We'll certainly miss it but want someone else to have as much as fun as we've had while we move onto our trimaran!

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Collection date confirmed!

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