Comparing Alternative Trimarans

Below we outline the various specifications of the Adventure 600, Astus 20.5 and Pulse 600 trimarans.

The Adventure 600 is the lightest and has the largest sail area and is expected to easily match the performance of the Astus 20.5 and the Pulse 600.

Hopefully in the summer of 2021 we will be able to see the boats in action together in the Solent!

Each of the boats implements a different folding mechanism to reduce down to towing road width:

  • The Adventure 600 uses a swing beam approach similar to that used on the Dragonfly and SeaClipper series of trimarans
    • However the beams and floats swing forwards on the Adventure 600 while on the Dragonfly they swing backwards
  • The Astus 20.5 uses sliding aluminium tubes to “compress” the floats towards the main hull
    • These are smooth and robust but must be kept clean as they can become sticky
  • The Pulse 600 uses the famous Farrier style “up and in” folding system
    • This system is very effective but we decided it is too complex and expensive for home builders to reliably achieve the tolerances involved

As can be seen, three broadly similar boats have very distinct specifications and characteristics!

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